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Liteblue has been a blessing for many USPS employees. They have provided the employee with a very useful product and have decreased the headache of the USPS department as they have decreased the workload at an exponential rate. The liteblue is a product through which a person can gain access to any kind of work-related information.

How do they Help In Human Resources?

Human Resources is a section of any office which supports a person in all the important information related to the life, career and other important details related to health care. Normally the Human Resource is the most important part of a big corporate. Also, a lot of money and resources go into managing the HR department of a company. Liteblue USPS has changed the scenario and has set a benchmark in the HR department.

HR instead of being offline department is a completely online service and any employee can attain all the information related to a personal career, Health and other financial and future related things.

Features of LiteBlue:

The service of liteblue is a very useful service for many employers and it provides many features. Some of its features are:

  • Benefits: A person can get all kind of information on the benefits he has made it while in the job. These kinds of service can help any kind of an employer in gaining the benefits which otherwise would be very difficult to enquire from the main office as it causes a lot of questions from the HR and also a lot of forms.
  • Health and Safety: Health and safety is probably the most important feature of a person when they join a job. USPS provides full security over health issues of a person. However to access all the information related to a person’s health benefits a person needs to be in contact with the HR office which is not always possible. Therefore liteblue proves a blessing for such employers as they provide with all kind of information related to a person’s health security and also update all the information regarding the security hazards.
  • Careers: Many times USPS makes a few career development opportunities inside their office. A few promotions and other things which might be useful for career development in a person’s career. However many employees are unaware of these opportunities as they are not well aware of such openings. Liteblue solves this problem by uploading all the kind of career development opportunities and other career-related details on their online portal.
  • Employee rights: Liteblue makes the entire employee aware of their rights which otherwise they are not aware of otherwise. There are many times when some wrongdoings are happening with an employer but they are unaware of those wrongdoings. Liteblue makes this employer aware of these rights. Also, any employer can complain about any kind of harassment happening to them and also can complain about any other wrongdoings with them.


Laptop computers are replacing desktop computers






1. Laptop computers hold their price while desktops rapidly go down in price ...

2. At least 30% (and growing) of the people who have desktops also have laptop computers or are shopping for one.

3. Professionals use their personal laptops at work to browse internet while doing their daily work on standard corporate desktops. Or they use them when they work from home.

4. An average Laptop today has as much memory, hard drive, speed and accessories as desktop computers do.

5. Laptop can be easily transformed into a 'desktop' system with external mice, keyboard and monitor... while still remain portable.

6. Laptop quality and warranty are equal to those for desktop computers.

7. Laptop screens have become larger - 15" is common now and getting larger.

8. Only Laptop uses the best advantage of wireless computers - mobility.

Laptop computers make a better choice!

Getting a laptop instead of a desktop would be a wiser decision today. You'll gain the mobility and portability of a laptop and still keep the speed, memory, disk space and accessories of a desktop

3 Basic Steps to Computer Security for Laptop

Did you know that anyone could browse through your hard drive while you're  browsing the internet ? And they can and will do it without your permission or any notification ... Today, basic security is a must for laptop owners. Here you'll find the minimum steps you may need to take today to establish your laptop security.

Why a need to Secure your Computer?

On a daily basis, your laptop is being attacked by intruders that take advantage of your lack of security. Some want to put you out of business, and some want to know what your business is ...

1. Viruses

2. Hackers

3. Pop-up ads

4. Ad-tracking companies

5. Song swappers requests

6. Your own Internet provider!

For example, what can hackers do to your laptop?
- Crash you system by automated attacks that will overload your CPU with requests (hackers use scanners to find a vulnerable computer, and then they attack.)

How to Secure your Laptop?

You take 3 basic steps...

1. Firewall (free)

You should install the Personal FireWall software to stop outside intruders from getting into your laptop, to keep hackers out and to prevent confidential information from being sent out without your knowledge. A good firewall would also help to stop annoying pop-up ads.

Download free ZoneAlarm FireWall software or search for it on the Web. Here's what it does in a glance:

Protects your DSL or cable-connected laptop from hackers

Allows only traffic that you know about

Allows you to decide which programs can or cannot use the Internet

Blocks Internet traffic while you are not using the Internet

A FireWall should start automatically every time your turn on your computer.


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Laptop computers vs desktop computers

Getting a laptop instead of a desktop would be a wiser decision today. You'll gain the mobility and portability of a laptop and still keep the speed, memory, disk space and accessories of a desktop.

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